What is the amount of calories in sea urchin coral?

By | July 15, 2018

To lose weight quickly, it is not only the practice of a regular sporting activity. The diet can also speed up the process. Basically, nutritionists recommend dishes mainly based on fruits and vegetables.

But many studies have shown that more atypical foods, such as sea urchin coral, also have slimming properties. The reason: keto go the smaller amount of calories. But in addition, it has the distinction of having an unparalleled flavor.

Sea urchin coral, proven slimming benefits?
A dozen sea urchins bring on average 78 calories, which is very little consequent. Moreover, it contains only 7.5 g of protein and 1 g of lipid. It is therefore a perfect place for all those who want to lose weight, without giving up the good flavors.

The sea urchin is an invertebrate marine animal, rounded and with prickles. It is particularly appreciated in haute cuisine, making it one of the most expensive foods.

It is the sea urchin coral that is consumed as a dish, not the outside. It is an orange substance (similar to fish eggs), with a somewhat iodized taste and an effect in the mouth.

How to cook sea urchin coral to lose weight?
The sea urchin coral can be served without anything else, but the amount would be too small. That’s why it’s best served with sauteed vegetables. Indeed, during a diet, it is necessary at all costs to avoid total deprivation at the risk of feeling discomfort. Just eat healthy.

As vegetables, look at green beans, tomatoes, cauliflower or carrots. You can either steam them or sauté them with light butter (like garlic butter).

In addition, you can cook the coral to make it more consistent. Typical examples of dishes: an omelette or scrambled eggs. There is no perfect time to eat sea urchin coral. But just avoid abusive snacks.

The disadvantages in a diet
In terms of diet, sea urchin coral does not present a real danger for the body, as long as it is not outdated. However, sea urchins are expensive and being satisfied with this diet is like spending a lot of money. It is therefore safer to consume sea urchin coral occasionally: for example, to break the monotony of a vegan diet.

Coral is ultimately more of a luxury than a need during a diet. Certainly, its calorie intake is lower, but its price is quite expensive. The best is to consume it in small quantities or at a very low frequency, just to add occasional taste to your dishes.

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