Read made to lose weight

By | June 11, 2018

Read made to lose weight
Reading is in mind what exercise is to the body, “wrote the English poet, Addison, elegantly. Could this nourishment power trim 1200 of the mind have any beneficial effects for my body, do you ask? A short review of the benefits of reading to lose weight.

A healthy mind in a healthy body
Studies are formal. While reading hours are falling in most Western countries, overweight problems are affecting more and more people. The causal link is, of course, difficult to establish.

However, it is clear that reading is beneficial for those who want to lose weight. Indeed, reading implies concentration and escape: lost in the fantastic countries described by Tolkien, intrigued by the mysteries of an enigma of Agatha Christie, charmed by Proust’s old-fashioned language, you will not think about food any more. In front of the television, it is difficult to resist the impulses of nibbling; plunged into a good book pecking sweets will not even come to your mind.

Moreover, it is proven that reading has positive effects for our morale, the bibliotherapy is also in vogue since a few years. Better in your head, you will be armed in your fight against calories!

Reading to lose weight: proven effectiveness
A 2008 US study, conducted at Duke Children’s Hospital, scientifically validated the benefits of reading for unwanted pounds. Dozens of overweight girls were invited to read a novel called “Lake Rescue.” The heroine of this story unfairly complains of her comrades because of her weight problems.

Six months later, these teenagers had a significant decrease in their body mass index (BMI). By identifying with the central character of the book, through imagination and identification stimulated by reading, they adopted more appropriate eating habits. A direct link, established according to precise scientific standards, was therefore drawn between reading and weight loss. Literature is more powerful than you think!

Reading, a beneficial but insufficient activity to lose calories
Reading therefore has many benefits, which will contribute to the moral forces necessary for your diet. Only, being an essentially sedentary activity, it will not be enough.
Also, it is necessary to associate reading ranges with others favoring physical activity in order to effectively compensate power trim reviews the periods of inactivity related to reading. Choose preferably a sport that gives free rein to your thoughts (Nordic walking, jogging …): you can continue to reflect on your reading while exercising your body.

Reading, contrary to what we might believe in the first exam, makes you lose weight. Note also that Karl Lagerfeld, a great reader at heart and owner of one of the largest private libraries in France, has itself made a spectacular diet!

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