Protein, an excellent appetite suppressant?

By | July 1, 2018

Why are proteins at the heart of many successful diets? It is very simple: it is not only an excellent appetite suppressant, but it also allows to maintain its line in the long run.

Understanding the appetite suppressant effect of proteins
As you probably know, one of the keto fit most difficult challenges for dieting or maintaining one’s weight is not to be hungry.

But to maintain a sufficient level of satiety, there is no secret: increasing the protein in your diet and combining them with fiber makes all the difference.

In 2012, a team of INSERM researchers demonstrated in detail how a high-protein meal “stalls” us for several hours. Exchanges between the brain and the digestive system triggered by proteins send an appetite suppressant signal.

Satiety is the fact of not being hungry between your meals. When the intestine ingests the proteins, it divides them into oligopeptides. These are released via the vein that connects the liver and intestine. All this is transmitted to the hypothalamus … which is none other than the area of ​​the brain that regulates your appetite!

Proteins are therefore a source of satiety to take into account in your way of feeding you.

Which proteins should I choose to lose weight?
When you hear “protein,” you’re probably thinking about meat (or gym supplements). However, proteins are present in a multitude of foods: meat of course, but also fish, egg, tofu, vegetable proteins, legumes, cereals, dairy products, nuts …

When choosing a type of protein for your meals, consider varying the pleasures. This will allow you to not get bored in your diet, while playing on the diversity of contributions. What reinforce the feeling of not being hungry!

If you limit your caloric intake, go for lean meats instead of multiplying the rare steaks.

Satiety in the morning: what if you had a protein breakfast?
Whether or not you follow a high protein diet or the Dukan diet, you can already try to switch to protein in the morning, at breakfast. Replace bread or cereals with an omelette, scrambled eggs or fish with lentils …

It is one of the pillars of the “slow carb” approach, whose effects on fat are very effective, all without being hungry.

You will quickly observe by changing your breakfast that you are much less hungry in the middle of the morning!

Finally, the advantage of proteins is that in addition to being an excellent appetite suppressant, they preserve your muscle mass and allow you to continue to play sports serenely. In any case, if you are mainly keto fit reviews looking to lose weight, it is important to change the amount of food ingested to not consume more than your body uses.

Do not forget, to conclude, to associate the proteins with fibers and vegetables, to obtain complete meals and a feeling of satiety constant!

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