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How to optimize your performance in dxn code strike addition to your sports training? Thanks to the general physical preparation work or PPG ! Here is a practical guide that will allow you to develop your general physical qualities all year round.

The physical preparation aims to serve the discipline practiced by the athlete. Indeed, it allows him to develop his physical qualities and thus optimize his performances . She is also involved in injury prevention and recovery.

There are 2 main types of physical preparation:

General physical preparation (PPG) : it is used primarily for the development and harmonization of general physical qualities, as part of a general or extensive preparatory work.
Specific physical preparation (PPS) : athletes use it especially during a pre-competitive or competitive phase. This work must allow them to acquire an optimal physical condition.

Here is a general fitness program that will allow you to develop your breathing abilities and strengthen your entire body. If you are already doing physical activity, do these exercises once a week to supplement your sport. For others, reproduce these exercises 2 or 3 times a week, ideally.

The instructions :

In between each workout, consider leaving a recovery day (example: if you work your upper body on Monday, wait until Wednesday to work again).
To feed your muscles, do not forget to hydrate yourself properly during and after the session.
Finally, when you finish a session, give yourself some stretching exercises to recover (take great breaths and stretch the muscles you worked on during your workout).

How? On treadmill or cycling bike in your fitness room / at home.

OPTION 1 : on treadmill or exercise bike / cardio biking

É warming : Start the workout by performing 10-15 minutes of running (on carpet or bike) at your own pace without forcing. At home: if you do not have fitness equipment, warm up with 5 minutes of skipping rope. Otherwise, run 10/15 minutes outdoors to gradually raise the heart rate.
Body of session : split work
Start with 2 minutes of quiet running (or pedaling) (this means you can still talk in running / pedaling) and follow with 1 minute of acceleration. Repeat the same exercise a total of 5 times to reach the 15 minutes of training.

Return to calm: end the session with 5 minutes of active recovery. Walk / pedal to lower the heart rate (it is important dxn code strike reviews to never stop an exercise suddenly).
Note: if you do this training on a bike, make sure the resistance of it: you must feel a brake in the legs when you pedal (do not feel that it grinds or that you pedal in the vacuum).

OPTION 2 : Play the same session outdoors (bike or race).

OPTION 3 : Use the skipping rope.

On the same principle, make 1 minute (quiet) jump rope then go to 30 seconds of recovery. Repeat the same exercise 5 times in total and then give yourself 2 minutes of calm (jump rope without forcing = no relaxation) or walk to calm down the heart.

OPTION + DIFFICULT : in addition to these different workouts (indoor / outdoor / skipping rope) chain 1 minute / 1 minute of work, 5 times in total.

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