Badly digested makes you fat

Bloating, swelling, flatulence, cramps, spasms and grunts, our belly keeps talking and talking to us! Housing the stomach premier keto and intestines, two organs responsible for the mechanisms of digestion, our belly is even our “second brain”, to use the title of a very informative documentary broadcast by Arte, which provides information on new scientific research… Read More »


PRACTICAL GUIDE: GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPARATION (PPG) How to optimize your performance in dxn code strike addition to your sports training? Thanks to the general physical preparation work or PPG ! Here is a practical guide that will allow you to develop your general physical qualities all year round. PHYSICAL PREPARATION WHAT IS IT? The physical preparation… Read More »

Read made to lose weight

Read made to lose weight Reading is in mind what exercise is to the body, “wrote the English poet, Addison, elegantly. Could this nourishment power trim 1200 of the mind have any beneficial effects for my body, do you ask? A short review of the benefits of reading to lose weight. A healthy mind in a… Read More »