Losing belly with massages

By | June 25, 2018

Losing belly with massages
What’s better than a good massage to take care of yourself? To tone the belly, it is an excellent method that has the premier diet keto advantage of not costing anything.

Discover the benefits of belly massage to lose weight, especially after pregnancy.

Losing belly by massaging, how does it work?
If you have the chance to be massaged, enjoy! Otherwise, self-massage works very well too. In addition, it will allow you to reclaim your body, important if you are in full weight regime.

By performing these simple exercises, you can stimulate blood circulation and have a draining action. The fat deposits, subjected to the test of your regular and repeated movements, will be more easily dislodged.

In addition, these massages facilitate digestion and improve transit, all important elements to lose weight. If you suffer from bloating problems, it is a good method to put in place to feel lighter everyday and find a flat stomach.

How to massage well to lose weight?
It is advisable to massage the belly clockwise to facilitate the transit and to lose belly. There are several small exercises that you can follow.

Begin to massage with the palms of your hands flat and make wide circles up to the ribs. Then, by placing the three-fingered pulp under the navel, massage in a circular fashion around the belly button. You can also put the slice of your hand on your belly and press so as to bring back the piles of fat to the center of the stomach.

Just as effective, grasp both folds firmly and knead vigorously for draining action and removal of active fat. All these exercises can be done with an essential oil for a better action and beautify the texture of your skin.

Basil, lemon and peppermint to mix in a neutral oil are the most recommended. Also remember to focus on your breathing, and relax as much as possible.

Make yourself comfortable for a pleasant session: if the movements must be vigorous, you must never have pain.

Precautions to take
Be careful to massage before the meal or to wait two hours after eating. The pregnant woman should not practice these exercises without the advice of a specialist or use any oil or cream without professional advice.

And remember that this is not a miracle solution to lose cellulite, but a complement to put into practice as part of a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

For a real benefit, this type of self-massage is to be done every day during sessions of fifteen minutes. Avoid foods premier diet keto reviews that cause swelling, alcohol, and it is advisable not to drink too much during meals, which causes swelling.

Bet on the fibers in your diet. Finally, try to complement exercises that keep the waist thin or slimming underwear that can be effective punctually.

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