Lose weight according to your hormonal profile?

By | June 26, 2018

Each assimilates the ingested fats differently. A diet according to the hormonal profile is very beneficial for both men and total tone diet women. Far from being restrictive or draconian, it leaves us a wide choice of foods to consume. The results of weight loss are felt quickly, up to 6 pounds in a month.

Are hormones responsible for our extra pounds?
Our hormones have an effect on our fat cells and can influence weight gain. There are as many types of dysregulation as hormonal profiles. With a diet according to the profile, we discover the most suitable diet for our body.

If you must exceed two months, have a specialist follow you. In pregnancy, do not cause food deficiencies. Beware of a possible yo-yo effect, which especially affects people who are less assiduous and motivated.

How to determine your hormonal profile?
– “Insulin” profile: it promotes the penetration of sugar into the cells and the storage of fats. If you have an appetite, like snacking on sweet products, drowsiness after meals, your profile is “insulin”. Physically, your shoulders are wider than your pelvis.

And you tend to have diabetes or high blood pressure. So you should avoid over-sweet and oily meals and favor products with a low glycemic index. With the fibers, you slow down the passage of fat in the blood.

– “Leptin” profile: this hormone is secreted by fat cells. It helps the weight control by the brain. To be of this profile, you must prefer light meals and hate fat and coffee. You have the bad habit of skipping meals and are prone to constipation.

Physically, your pelvis is wider than your shoulders. You must promote the taking of products that fit more to the body and drink a lot of water.

– “Stress” profile: this condition promotes the secretion of hormones favoring fat storage. If the food soothes you, you are often irritable, you lean more for salty than sweet, that you are focused on coffee, you are in profile “stress”.

In addition, your sleep is often restless, you feel belly swelling and your weight changes for no reason despite your bodybuilding sessions. You must avoid prepared dishes, also cabbages and grapes, products with difficult digestion.

And if in the end, you had a mixed profile? You must combine the recommendations of the two profiles with which you are associated.

How to put the diet into practice according to the hormonal profile?
Above all, such a diet to lose weight is safe for health and must be done in the long term. It is based on the prescription of the consumption of certain fruits (pear, apple ..) and vegetables (leek, salad, green beans …).

The consumption of lean meat is more advisable: turkey, chicken, fish, veal. Fiber, starchy foods, slow carbohydrates and farinaceous chickpea and lentil products should be on the menu.

What to avoid Sweet products, sausages, fatty meats, sauces, fatty dairy products, margarine, alcohol and coffee. To lose between 4 and 6 kilos per month, it is necessary to be assiduous on at least 4 weeks, to eat at regular hours and to avoid the gaps.

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