List of the best stones to lose weight with lithotherapy

By | July 9, 2018

What is lithotherapy? These are stones whose utility is to help lose weight, as part of a slimming diet, but also to feel better in his daily life. If its effectiveness can be quite important, the fact remains that this practice is not enough on its own to lose weight.

Indeed, the important thing is especially to combine lithotherapy with a healthy and balanced diet, not to mention a regular sport.

The different stones according to your needs
The lithotherapy is distinguished by the great possibilities it offers in terms of different stones.

Apatite firstly has the virtue of suppressing the feeling of hunger and knowing the source of the difficulties related to your diet. This is a real boost for people who tend to never be satiated or to nibble between meals.
Rock crystal is a very interesting stone to help you lose weight calmly. It would also make you feel better on a daily keto lean force basis and calm mood disorders and allow better digestion. It all depends of course on people.
For people who have suffered from weight gain related to water retention, some stones can be used. This is particularly lapis lazuli, quite famous.
The moonstone
the howlite are also very useful to help you fight against this phenomenon and thus help you lose weight permanently.
And for people who want to act on their fat, rutile quartz is preferred.

Overweight and cellulite can also be effectively countered by other stones such as garnet almadin, tourmaline watermelon, mookaite, peridot and cinnabar. The latter is recommended for people who are particularly obese.

Finally, pink or blue stones can calm the sensations of stress and are to be worn daily in the area of ​​the throat. They would help to limit the impulses of chocolate, in other words the cravings for chocolate nibbles.

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