How to lose 8 kilos with chrononutrition?

By | July 7, 2018

This is a slimming program that is not yet well known even if we talk more and more in the press or on the internet. His concept remains unclear to many and yet it is very simple. By applying these principles, it is possible to lose 8 kg quite easily with chrononutrition!

What give you smile before the holidays, is not it? Unless you prepare your wedding. Young mothers can also use it to lose the kilograms keto plus diet they have accumulated during the big one. What is the secret of this new slimming program?

Chrononutrition: how does it work?
The first good news is that you will be able to eat almost anything without depriving yourself. The only thing to do is eat each food when it is of real interest to your body. Your body is a machine that adapts to both its environment and its activity. Thus, he does not spend his energy regularly and his needs vary according to the time. It is from this observation that this new regime was born.

The hidden benefits of chrononutrition
It is true that we only talk about it when it comes to weight loss but you will find other benefits:

Your body will regain lost balance
Your general health will improve significantly
How can I put this principle into practice?
Excellent question. This diet teaches you how to listen to your body, to know it better, to understand it and to use it.

Your fitness weight may not be as hard to reach as you thought. Just follow a few recommendations to set up a diet somewhat different from the one you know, namely the highlighting of breakfast and afternoon tea that become the most important and hearty meals of the day.

The other two are put in the background. Unusual but effective.

How is a typical day of this diet?
In concrete terms, it is a very simple diet to put in place.

Breakfast: it must be hearty and contain for example milk, butter, cheese, bread and cold meats
Lunch: here you will focus on meat or fish at 250 grams, starchy foods and 50 grams of bread
Taste: fruits, hazelnuts, almonds and chocolate are on the menu
Dinner: it must be the lightest meal. It will consist of lean fish or white meat, accompanied by vegetables sprinkled lightly with olive oil
The goal here is to eat everything but each food must be consumed at the right time of the day to bring you more benefits than beads! Your body naturally optimizes what you give it to carve a new silhouette, harmonious and relieved of about 8 kg!

To keep this new silhouette, you just need to make this diet a way of life. Once your fitness weight is reached, you should stay there. Do not forget to move in parallel. Sport is essential for good health!

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