How to lose 3 pounds in the belly?

By | July 2, 2018

When you take a few pounds, you see it immediately at the level of the abdominal belt. As with aging, fat cells tend ketofit dragons den to store more easily.

It is nice to come in the stomach, nothing helps. So how do you hunt those few extra pounds to find your flat belly? In general, three kilos are enough to give it a more slender and harmonious appearance.

Adapt your diet
Failing to completely change your diet, it is best to adapt. In the first place, it is recommended to imperatively monitor the quantities and avoid refilling. You can eat everything as soon as you calibrate and do not be tempted by a second piece of cake.

The rule of thumb is to limit intake of sugars and fatty foods, especially in the evening.

Without naming a particular diet, the most effective are always those that do not deprive you, but that helps you to reason your quantities. However, to find a flat stomach, it is not enough to just eliminate confectionery and fries.

It will go much further. A diet that combines protein and vegetables is quite adaptable to lose three pounds and feel the effects visually on the stomach.

What to drink to lose weight?
First, the most naturally in the world, water! It’s the zero-calorie drink. Do not hesitate to put in a bottle of water a little mint, basil or some slices of cucumber or a little grated ginger if you want to perfume it without sweetening it.

On the other hand, herbal teas are also there to help you find a flat stomach. Some have draining and detoxifying properties that help the body to eliminate.

One might just as well wonder what should not be drunk? In the first place, sugary soft drinks, in other words soft drinks that are real enemies in your war against the extra pounds, especially those you take in the belly.

Second, beer and alcohol in general. Apart from the nuisance that excessively consumed alcohol represents for your organism, you should know that a glass of 15 cl contains on average 150 kcal.

Sport and massage, the recipe for success
Whether you are in a gym or playing sports at home, the most important thing is to burn calories. As for the belly, it would be unrealistic to think that it is by making series of abs that you will lose fat at this level.

You will strengthen your lap belt, maybe give it some volume that will push the fat and will only increase the feeling of plump belly.

The most relevant is to play sports to dry up, and you will see that very quickly the body will draw on the ventral reserves, because it is an area that stores mainly fat cells, ie the easier to eliminate!

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