How to follow a diet without animal fat?

By | June 11, 2018

Whether to lose weight or to maintain good health, it is useless (and even inadvisable) to remove fat from its diet. The good reflex is to remove bad fats by limiting animal fats.

How to proceed ?

Lipids: make the right choices!
Animal fats have a lot of saturated fatty acids, max pro 1000 which are often called “bad fats”. Excess consumption increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Conversely, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated “good fats” bring you energy, regulate cholesterol levels in the blood, and many other health benefits!

Rather than removing fat from your diet, it is important to replace animal fats with vegetable fats.

Where are the fats of animal origin?
They are everywhere: do not try to avoid them entirely, but rather to control your fat intake of this type:

Butter cream
Dairy products
Keep in mind that many prepared meals and pastries include animal fats. Avoid consuming them as much as possible and opt for home cooking based on vegetable oils, oily fish and unprocessed ingredients.

Poultry without skin, liver (excluding foie gras) and lean ham are a little less fat than others.

When cooking, especially as part of your dieting, you can replace the butter with vegetable oil, use 0% cream cheese or skim milk instead of cream, or vegetable creams (soy, etc.).

What “good fats” to consume?
It is very simple to remember: it is fats of vegetable origin or from the products of the sea.

Oil (olive, rapeseed, sunflower, peanut)
Seeds, nuts
Fatty fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
Dark green vegetables
By gradually incorporating these foods or ingredients into your daily life, you will better control your intake of fat. However, be careful with nuts in a diet for weight loss, because they are quickly caloric.

Get inspired by the Mediterranean diet
Compatible with dieting or gluten-free, the Mediterranean diet is excellent for health.

Among its features, it reduces the consumption of red meat and dairy products, and instead promotes vegetables, fruits and olive oil. Researchers believe that the Mediterranean diet, which limits animal fats, helps reduce diabetes, overweight and metabolic syndrome.

Even if you do not follow it max pro 1000 weight loss completely, you can use these principles to change your diet, while adopting certain reflexes such as switching to light dairy products, lean meats (without the skin) and the use of oils. vegetables for cooking.

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