Eating watermelon in the evening to lose weight?

By | July 4, 2018

This big round fruit with pink pulp is very juicy. Its features that promote weight loss have made it the ingredient of a specific diet: it involves consuming watermelon, and nothing else, at the evening meal. Followed for a few days only, this diet is effective: the watermelon consumed in the evening makes you lose weight.

A good diet for the line and health
The arginine content of the watermelon makes it a naturally burning fat food. This substance also oxidizes glucose due to the ingestion of fast sugars. Its low carbohydrate content (7 g per 100 g) makes the watermelon compatible with an anti-diabetes diet.

Full of fiber, watermelon (the other name of watermelon) is good for digestion and satiates the body with very few calories. Its diuretic and detoxifying qualities complete the reasons for adopting it as a food that does not make you fat.

For five days, make the base of your dinner and other meals: breakfast (whole grains and light milk, all without sugar), Rapid Tone lunch (fish and vegetables steamed) and so watermelon dinner at will , up to 3kg.

Recipe of watermelon jelly
To avoid monotony, you can eat watermelon in the form of jelly.

. half a watermelon and half lemon peeled organic
. a sheet of edible gelatin.

Cut the half-watermelon and pass it to the Thermomix for 10 seconds at power 10. Filter this liquid to remove pips. Wash the Thermomix container and pour in the juice to warm it for 4 minutes at 38 °. Soften the gelatin in a plate of cold water and then incorporate it into the warmed juice. Pour the mixture into small cups and keep in the refrigerator so that the consistency is perfect.

The benefits of watermelon
With only 30 kcal per 100 g, watermelon is a valuable source of vitamins. This fruit contains 569 IU of vitamin A and 8.1 mg of vitamin C, good for tone. Its calcium content (7 mg) combined with its vitamin D levels promote the strength of bones.

Rich in potassium (112 mg per 100 g), the watermelon contributes to the proper functioning of the muscles. Poor in sodium (1 mg per 100 g), it can be consumed during pregnancy without the risk of raising blood pressure. Made up of 90 or even 95% of water at 0 calories, this fruit quenches in addition to providing its beneficial properties to the body.

The watermelon-based diet in the evening has proven itself: it would lose 5 kg in 5 days.

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