Does the combava lose weight?

By | June 26, 2018

The combava, what is it? It is a cousin of lemon. It looks like a lime with a dented peel. Be careful, do not confuse it with bergamot, which has about the same appearance as it.

Kaffir lime has excellent slimming properties. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can integrate this citrus into your diet.

Lose weight with kaffir lime
How can I slim down with kaffir lime? kara keto burn The latter is low in calories, namely only 22 Kcal in 100 grams. In Thailand and Vietnam, it is recognized as one of the best fat-burning foods.

Attacking adipose tissue, including abdominal fat, kaffir loses weight effectively. It also facilitates digestion.

How to use the combava?
Although this fruit is part of the same family as lemon, the use is not the same. Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit with a powerful scent, from which it must be used sparingly. Its acidity is much higher than that of lemon.

The pulp, bitter, is not often consumed. These are the zests and leaves, very aromatic, which are the most used in the recipes. Note that the combava is found in many exotic and creole recipes. How to use this fruit, you ask?

For zest, you can grate it and incorporate it into your recipe. Try not to grate up the white skin because it is very bitter. Otherwise, for the leaves, you can cut them to add them in your salad.

Recipe: Kaffir lime juice
This drink is essential if you want to lose weight. Here is his recipe:

50 gr of parsley
1/2 piece of ginger
1 large glass of water
2 tablespoons of kaffir lime juice

– Wash the parsley and ginger;
– Mix all the ingredients;
– Serve well fresh.

As kaffir lime is very bitter, you can add 1 spoonful of honey to soften your drink. This juice is taken on an empty stomach every morning for 6 days for effective weight loss.

After this period, you must take a break of 10 days, at the risk of harming your health. Then resume, if desired.

What are the other virtues of combava?
It is a detox fruit: it helps to purify the body, improving the work of the liver. This citrus is rich in vitamin C, which optimizes the immune system. It is therefore essential in winter to fight colds and flu. It is also an antioxidant: it helps to fight against aging.

Where does the combava come from?
This fruit has its origin in the islands of Indonesia. His name comes from “Sumbawa”, the name of an island near Bali. At the end of the 17th century, the Indian Ocean became acquainted with this “strange little lemon” thanks to Pierre Poivre.

It will only be two hundred years after the Kaffir will enter Western countries. Today, you’ll find this little green citrus on almost every stall of your fruit shop.

Kaffir lime is a fruit that is still relatively unknown, but which, for those who wish to slim down quickly, is indispensable. It could even show better results than lemon, also known for its slimming effects.

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