Badly digested makes you fat

By | June 11, 2018

Bloating, swelling, flatulence, cramps, spasms and grunts, our belly keeps talking and talking to us! Housing the stomach premier keto and intestines, two organs responsible for the mechanisms of digestion, our belly is even our “second brain”, to use the title of a very informative documentary broadcast by Arte, which provides information on new scientific research to demonstrate that the bacteria of our intestinal flora would determine us more than we believe. However, these may be just one of the factors affecting our digestion and our weight gain!

Bacteria responsible for poor digestion and the accumulation of our kilos?
A lot of scientific research nowadays tends to show that the only food and physical hygiene would not be enough to lose weight or keep the line. Indeed, excess food, sedentary, “junk food” or genetic factors are no longer the only causes of overweight or obesity. The multitude of bacteria that inhabit our intestines would also have an impact on our appetite, our digestion and our metabolism! Thus, some of these bacteria, used to digest the food we eat, could be the cause of some inflammation and weight gain. They also play a role in increasing appetite and the risk of diabetes. Finally a study that tends to prove that we are not all equal to the dictates of thinness! What to say: “I understand better why sometimes my efforts seem vain! “. Indeed, thin people would not have the same type of bacteria in the intestine as those who are overweight!

Replace bad bacteria with good bacteria?
One of the lead researchers in this study, Andrew Gewirtz, from Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia, therefore sees a future for treatments that could be based on ingestion of bacteria to fight the bacteria responsible for ‘poor digestion and storage of kilos. It also emphasizes that antibiotics would alter the intestinal flora we inherit at birth. Thus, our intestinal flora would also be subject to environmental conditions that could disrupt and cause some digestive discomfort. Environmental factors would also influence the evolution of our intestinal flora and its bacteria.

Consume prebiotics to better digest
In anticipation of future treatments, in order to regulate its intestinal flora and fight against the invasion of the bacteria involved in weight gain, it would be advisable to consume prebiotics. These would premier keto diet reviews promote a proper functioning of the intestinal flora and help fight the bacteria responsible for poor digestion. They would allow better digestion, avoid infections, inflammations and keep a flat stomach! Prebiotics are found in garlic, fruits and vegetables (leeks, asparagus), honey and chicory.

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