All for the complexion: Skincare in the thirties

By | August 19, 2018

Women often say that they feel new confidence when they reach their thirties. This sense of empowerment, coupled with an appropriate care routine, will make you feel good about yourself and reveal your beauty.

Dry skin
Hydration is the key to a well-preserved skin in your thirties. Dry skin is the result of a decrease in the production of sebum (or oil). Look for moisturizers containing glycerin, which absorbs moisture in the air to help hydrate your skin.

First signs of aging
You may be starting to notice the derma correct first signs of aging in your thirties. Fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dilated pores and dull-looking skin appear first. This is the perfect time to use preventive skin care.

Adult acne
This is the sad reality: even in your thirties, it’s possible that pimples appear on your face from time to time. Hormonal changes, increased stress levels or genetic predispositions may be involved.

Four ways to take care of your skin in your thirties

Clean your skin morning and night. Clean your face to remove make-up and dirt
Moisturize your skin regularly. Start the day off right by fighting dry skin with a moisturizer containing SPF with a broad spectrum of 15 or more. Your skin needs sun protection to counter premature aging caused by the sun.
Do not neglect the evening hydration. Improve the natural renewal process of your skin with a moisturizer containing moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, such as niacinamide and peptides.
Add serum. If your skin tends to be dry, apply a serum before your moisturizer. Sera are usually more concentrated in anti-aging ingredients and are more easily absorbed through the skin.
Indulge your eyes. The eye area is usually the first to present fine lines because the skin is much thinner than the rest of the face. An eye cream that contains ingredients like glycerin or niacinamide (vitamin B3) will help prevent fine lines and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
Do not risk waking up tomorrow and regretting not taking care of your skin today. By respecting your routine, you can be assured of radiant, healthy-looking skin that will last forever.

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