Month: July 2018

Does coarse salt help to lose weight?

The majority of people will tell you that this food, in all its forms, really makes you fat and is not good to keep the line. keto x factor However, the reality is a little more nuanced than that. It must indeed distinguish between the totally natural and the one directly out of the factories.

Indeed, provided you consume it sparingly, there is little risk of growing, but not necessarily to lose weight either.

Everything will depend on your state of health, the practice of a sports activity and your diet more generally.

Coarse salt is not a slimming food
The first thing to say here is that it is certainly not a slimming food. Many studies have shown that it is rather a harmful food, both for health but also for weight. The World Health Organization recommends not to exceed 5 grams per day.

Beyond the health damage is real. This can indeed create water retention. For many people, this is one of the causes of weight gain.

To consume too much is therefore bad for the line and certainly does not lose weight. Moreover, many diets are based on a diet without this food, and the results are convincing. The best is to consume in moderate amounts by adopting a healthy and balanced diet. Opt for the natural, the most organic possible.

The misdeeds of this food on our body
We already know it perfectly, it can be very harmful. And in many ways. There is thus a very tenuous link between excessive consumption of this food and health. By exaggerating your consumption, you may be faced with a significant risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

This is because the genes controlling blood pressure are found in the genes that regulate the absorption of this food in the kidneys. In addition, an excess may favor certain other diseases, such as stomach cancer.

In women, it increases the risk of osteoporosis. This is because the body absorbing too much of this food eliminates more calcium in the urine. And this ultimately has the effect of significantly reducing the density of minerals in the bones. This can cause a risk of osteoporosis.

Tips for safe use
To consume safely and to give a taste to all your meals, we advise you never to exceed the recommended dose of 5 grams daily. If you really like that your dishes have a pronounced taste, do not hesitate to replace it with spices, such as turmeric, paprika, curry.

Use it instead to make homemade creams for cellulite, such as the famous natural yoghurt and coarse salt recipe, to apply to areas where you want to see your orange peel disappear.

Are diuretic plants effective for weight loss?

Choosing to incorporate diuretic herbs into your diet is a real slimming asset.

Diuretic herbs: perfect for losing weight
These will help the body get rid of toxins and accelerate weight loss. They are especially effective for women with premier diet keto water retention (otherwise called edema or dropsy) because they will help the body to drain the excess water.

During and after pregnancy, they will help the body to rebalance for lighter legs and a controlled weight. We can therefore trust them to support us in our quest for thinness and well-being.

The best herbal teas to fight against water retention
Consumed as herbal teas, the plants will double their diuretic power. These drinks are ideal because they will not only help drain the toxins from the body, but they will also bring him the hydration he needs (for a successful diet, do not hesitate to drink up to 2 liters of water every day). In winter, these comforting drinks will warm you gently.

In summer, they are also eaten very well at the end of the meal to help digestion and sleep. A small trick is to drink a large cup a little before each meal to reduce the feeling of hunger, and accelerate the feeling of satiety.

This not only allows a better digestion, but also to lose weight by reducing the contents of its plates without even without accounting.

Many plants will easily find a place in your daily life. For example, opt for the dandelion; once reduced to powder, it dissolves easily in hot water for a draining decoction that will be even more effective if taken as a cure.

Fill a Thermos with this infusion to drink all day long, for a period of 15 days, to see results appear.

Also discover nettle: this stinging plant has many benefits as it helps to get rid of excess water in our body while protecting the kidneys. Three cups of nettle infusion each day will quickly regulate appetite and water retention for a quickly refined silhouette.

Focus on the cherry tail and its draining virtues
Traditional Asian medicine has long ago seized cherry tails for their multiple benefits to the body. They help the body to get rid of various toxins that prevent weight loss.

Thanks to their diuretic and anti-oxidant properties, they effectively fight against water retention as well as problems that many people suffer from, such as gallstones or urinary tract infections.

To include them in his diet, nothing more simple! The tails of cherries are very easily powdered, it is enough to prepare premier diet reviews them in decoction at the rate of a pinch for 1 liter of water, infusing 10 minutes in boiling water.

Delicious to taste, these infusions should be tasted preferably after each meal, three times a day, for visible results in just 2 weeks.

For a natural and effective diet, trust the plants and their ancestral virtues.

What is “healthy”?

Losing weight means radically changing one’s lifestyle. This is goodbye to his old habits with the small snacks of 16h and the famous hamburgers of fast food far too caloric to be in agreement with the philosophy of the exercise.

Dieting means accepting healthy, balanced eating and regular physical activity to help your body burn off the extra calories. radiantly slim One of the phenomena currently in fashion is the concept “healthy”, whether in magazines or in reality.

Is it just a marketing move or is there a real solution to losing weight? This is what we will quickly discover in this article.

Healthy, a special way of life
Deciding to eat “Healthy” means respecting personal rules of eating. It is therefore necessary to eat in a healthy and balanced way avoiding all that is fat, salty and sweet.

Far from being a baseless deprivation, the idea is to minimize all sources that can bring bad fat to our body. Beyond the diet, being “healthy” is a whole state of mind. You must respect your body by providing only the nutrients that can bring good.

Only in this way can one grow personally and feel good about oneself. Well-being is thus a relative key word in this diet whose followers do not make half-measure.

Healthy and vegan trend
When you think about it, eating “Healthy” is very similar to the vegan diet, if not related. By eliminating all foods dangerous to our health, we end up with almost no meat or other animal products.

The real nutrients are found in the plant that Mother Nature has offered us with all its generosity. This is how you go, without even realizing it, reduce your daily calorie intake and start to become light on the scales.

As your organization is once again more than operational, you will also notice a great source of motivation built up within you to play sports. Thus, the magic of the “Healthy” method is to make you lose weight without giving you the impression of suffering.

To give you a clearer idea of ​​the concept, we will give you an easy recipe to prepare at home in the rest of the article.

Ingredients for an almond egg cream
280 ml Almond milk
3 eggs
60 g of mascarpone
50 g of whole sugar
45 g of almond powder
10 ml of vanilla flavor
Preparation of this “Healthy” menu
Break your eggs. Pour them in a container with the pinch of salt and sugar. Whip the mixture well before adding the almond powder;
Note that for a very melting texture, do not put almond powder;
Add the almond milk, vanilla and mascarpone. Whip the mixture until you have a homogeneous texture. Pour into verrines and put in the steamer for about 15-20 minutes. Then let cool completely and enjoy.
For a lighter version, you can replace the mascarpone with ricotta or Greek yogurt to maintain a creamy texture. For a hazelnut egg cream version, you can replace the almond milk with hazelnut milk and the almond powder with 30 g of grilled hazelnut powder.

Finally, for a version without eggs, heat your homogeneous mixture and add 2-3 g of agar-agar whisking well over low heat for 3 minutes before pouring your custard in the verrines. Then put them in the fridge for 2-3 hours and enjoy.

In conclusion, far more than just a fad, the Healthy concept actually works to lose weight. For more varied recipes, consider investing in a Thermomix robot. You now have all the cards in hand to succeed on your diet!