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Does Italian ice make you fat?

Fondant and deliciously sweet, the Italian ice cream is the star of summer … and for many people, a dessert of choice throughout the year. But it’s important to remember that Italian ice cream is all about fattening and should be avoided as part of dieting. Italian ice cream: too many calories during a diet… Read More »

What is the amount of calories in sea urchin coral?

To lose weight quickly, it is not only the practice of a regular sporting activity. The diet can also speed up the process. Basically, nutritionists recommend dishes mainly based on fruits and vegetables. But many studies have shown that more atypical foods, such as sea urchin coral, also have slimming properties. The reason: keto go the… Read More »

Reach the muscles that practice it?

It is a characteristic body activator that eliminates the fats ingested in the body when performing the transformation procedure. Health keeps the individual away from fatigue and deficiencies by meeting the needs of the body. You will feel happy instead of discouraged when looking at your reflected body. Making this step in building the most… Read More »

How to lose 8 kilos with chrononutrition?

This is a slimming program that is not yet well known even if we talk more and more in the press or on the internet. His concept remains unclear to many and yet it is very simple. By applying these principles, it is possible to lose 8 kg quite easily with chrononutrition! What give you… Read More »

Does griffonia make you lose weight?

The griffonia is a medicinal plant not yet well known but that some already use in order to lose weight. Plants have always been part of the best slimming ingredients but what about it? Does the Griffonia really make you lose weight? The answer is yes. So consider integrating it into your diet if you… Read More »

HIIT or LISS for fat loss, what is better?

For a long time, cardiovascular training has always been referred to as a way to improve the combustion of fats. When we talk about cardio, there are countless people who associate it with performing an exercise such as running for a long period of time at a minimum or moderate intensity so that it can… Read More »

Eating watermelon in the evening to lose weight?

This big round fruit with pink pulp is very juicy. Its features that promote weight loss have made it the ingredient of a specific diet: it involves consuming watermelon, and nothing else, at the evening meal. Followed for a few days only, this diet is effective: the watermelon consumed in the evening makes you lose… Read More »

How to lose 3 pounds in the belly?

When you take a few pounds, you see it immediately at the level of the abdominal belt. As with aging, fat cells tend ketofit dragons den to store more easily. It is nice to come in the stomach, nothing helps. So how do you hunt those few extra pounds to find your flat belly? In general,… Read More »

Protein, an excellent appetite suppressant?

Why are proteins at the heart of many successful diets? It is very simple: it is not only an excellent appetite suppressant, but it also allows to maintain its line in the long run. Understanding the appetite suppressant effect of proteins As you probably know, one of the keto fit most difficult challenges for dieting or… Read More »