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What should be the ideal fat percentage?

On more than one occasion we have explained it, but even so, each time it is possible it is worth highlighting the difference between the concepts of losing weight and losing fat. Although both refer to the vital x9 loss of body mass, and therefore to the decrease in the numbers that appear on the scale,… Read More »

How to make a perfect squat?

There is no doubt that the squat is the essential exercise in the routine of anyone looking for a change in their physical appearance and for the improvement of their health. And not in vain, because it is a movement that provides a series of great benefits for the body that go far beyond simply… Read More »

Lose weight according to your hormonal profile?

Each assimilates the ingested fats differently. A diet according to the hormonal profile is very beneficial for both men and total tone diet women. Far from being restrictive or draconian, it leaves us a wide choice of foods to consume. The results of weight loss are felt quickly, up to 6 pounds in a month. Are… Read More »

Does the combava lose weight?

The combava, what is it? It is a cousin of lemon. It looks like a lime with a dented peel. Be careful, do not confuse it with bergamot, which has about the same appearance as it. Kaffir lime has excellent slimming properties. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can integrate this citrus into… Read More »

How to lose weight with a gym ball?

An inflated belly is never very aesthetic. Maybe you have tried pills, diets and all kinds of abs series hoping to get around, but without result. Especially do not be discouraged before trying the gym ball. A ball premier diet keto that is not only for women, but is also recommended for men wanting to flatten… Read More »

5 tips to speed up your metabolism and burn fat

5 tips to speed up your metabolism and burn fat Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions through which our cells continually use energy to keep our bodies alive: forskolin keto complete maintaining body temperature, assimilating food, and eliminating waste. Your body consumes more energy (and therefore fat reserves) than your metabolism is important. On the… Read More »

Losing belly with massages

Losing belly with massages What’s better than a good massage to take care of yourself? To tone the belly, it is an excellent method that has the premier diet keto advantage of not costing anything. Discover the benefits of belly massage to lose weight, especially after pregnancy. Losing belly by massaging, how does it work? If… Read More »


After a few months of relaxation you enduraflex want to find the body of Apollo that characterizes you? Let it be said, no need to wear an athlete silhouette to be good in his body and his head … But after all, why not try to shape a beautiful muscular body and get closer to perfection… Read More »


You feel good about your clothes, it’s xyzol important. But choosing the clothes that are best suited to your business is essential. Make the choice of good bodybuilding by following these tips . I AM A BEGINNER IN BODYBUILDING To begin bodybuilding , we advise you to choose a technical cotton outfit . a “V” collar… Read More »

How to follow a diet without animal fat?

Whether to lose weight or to maintain good health, it is useless (and even inadvisable) to remove fat from its diet. The good reflex is to remove bad fats by limiting animal fats. How to proceed ? Lipids: make the right choices! Animal fats have a lot of saturated fatty acids, max pro 1000 which are… Read More »